'Ba Himaat" Tee

'Ba Himaat" Tee


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

'Ba Himaat' in Urdu translates to someone who exhibits great courage and spirit in the face of adversity. We launched this embroidered tee as an ode to our good friend Ameera's inspiring journey overcoming breast cancer. And to celebrate other like-minded, strong South Asian women like her who have persisted in the wake of a breast cancer diagnosis. 

Breast cancer cases are increasingly prevalent amongst young women, despite no family histories of breast cancer. We believe female reproductive health needs to be destigmatized in South Asian communities. Women and men alike of all ages, should feel comfortable with their bodies and be empowered to seek help when something doesn't feel right. Breast cancer is treatable if found early. In effort to advance research and awareness on the most aggressive form of breast cancer, triple negative, a portion of each purchase will be donated to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness and providing resources for TNBC patients and their families.

Only available for a limited time. All orders will be shipped by November 15.

100% Cotton | American Apparel | Creme | Made in San Francisco

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